Prevent Keyless Car Crime

Thwart keyless car thieves who use signal boosting devices to carry out Relay Attacks.

Fully blocks a fob's proximity signal

Prevents tech-savvy Relay Attacks

-  Voted 'Best Buy' in Auto Express product test

Big enough for multiple fobs, cards & keys

Once inside a vehicle, the Defender Signal Blocker can also be used to fight phone usage.

 Blocks all signals, from calls to Wi-Fi & 4/5G

 Removes the temptation to check messages

 Shortlisted for First Car Best In Car Product 2018

 No notifications, no distractions! 

Discourage Distracted Driving

Premium Blocking Capability

The Defender Signal Blocker has unique material & composition for maximum performance.

 Reinforced 'double' stitching technique

-  No risk of rips or tears with prolonged usage

 Lined with unique specialist RPF™ material

 Secured By Design Police Preferred Specification

Various motor insurance companies are providing the product to their policy holders as a gift.

 Brand with your company logo and details

-  Educate customers on the dangers of relay theft

 Save millions in payouts related to vehicle theft 

 Position yourself as a customer-friendly company

Protecting Fleet Operators

Any company with fleet or pool vehicles can be held liable if an employee is caught on their phone.

-  Enforce a safe driving policy through duty of care

-  Issue a Defender Signal Blocker to all drivers

 Make your organisation leaders in safe drving

-  View the RoSPA 'Driving For Work' report HERE

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Defender Signal Blocker 

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Blocks All Signals

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• RF / EMI        • Calls

• RFID              • SMS

• NFC               • 3/4/5G

• GPS               • Bluetooth®

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Signal Blocker

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Key Fob & Phone Blocking Pouch

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Two size designs & a choice of colours makes the Defender Signal Blocker a customer favourite.

-  Choose between regular or mini sizes

-  Regular: 186 x 117 mm, Mini: 125 x 80 mm

 Store phones/spare fobs, or go pocket-sized

-  Full branding options available (MOQs apply)

Customer Choice & Convenience