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Prevent Keyless Car Crime

Thwart keyless car thieves who use signal boosting devices to carry out relay attacks. 

  • Fully blocks a fob's proximity signal

  • Prevent tech-savvy relay attacks

  • Voted 'Best Buy' in Auto Express product test

  • Big enough for multiple fobs, cards & keys

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Discourage Distracted Driving

Once inside a vehicle, the Defender Signal Blocker can also be used to fight phone usage. 

  • Blocks all signals, from calls to Wi-Fi & 4/5G

  • Removes the temptation to check messages

  • Shortlisted for First Car Best In Car Product 2019

  • No notifications, no distractions! 

Premium Blocking Capability

The Defender Signal Blocker has unique material & composition for maximum performance.

  • Reinforced double stitching technique

  • No risk of rips or tears with prolonged usage

  • Lined with unique specialist RPF material

  • Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification

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Supporting Insurance Providers

Various motor insurance companies are providing the product to their policy holders as a gift.

  • Brand with your company logo and details

  • Educate customers on the dangers of relay theft

  • Save millions in payouts related to vehicle theft

  • Position yourself as a customer-friendly company

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Protecting Fleet Operators

Any company with fleet or pool vehicles can be held liable if an employee is caught on their phone.

  • Enforce a safe driving policy through duty of care

  • Issue a Defender Signal Blocker to all drivers

  • Make your organisation leaders in safe driving

  • View the RoSPA 'Driving for Work' report HERE

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Customer Choice & Convenience

Two size designs & a choice of colours makes the Defender Signal Blocker a customer favourite.

  • Choose between regular or mini sizes

  • Regular: 186 x 117mm, Mini: 125 x 80mm

  • Store phones/spare fobs or go pocket-sized

  • Full branding options available (MOQs apply)

Start benefiting from the award winning 

Defender Signal Blocker

For more information, or to request a quote for the Defender Signal Blocker contact our experienced team today by clicking Trade Enquiries. Retail customers, click Shop Online!

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